Honestly, You Have to do this in 2024

How can a year be the best and worst year? Really! Both at the same time. That was my experience. It started with an exciting and uncertain direction — but I was hopeful and my excitement was leading the way. This is the main and only lesson in this article. Let me explain.

In January last year, I decided to do what I wanted, not for money or anything other than that I wanted to do it. Okay, maybe, there are other reasons, it might even be because of money, but that’s for the future, at least not at the moment. I moved to America. Yeah, without any family or close ties here, I packed up my bag and moved to the US. I have always wanted to, I mean, this country prides itself as the leader of the free world — we can debate this later. January, February, March… and here I am, I wanted to leave. I have a new community, I have new friends, but something was missing. My excitement is gone. Not in the sense of laughter or simple happiness; but rather in a sense of ambitiousness, a sense of strive, a sense of meaning. At this time, I am in America, doing an academic program, and then it seemed my life had become this academic program. There was nothing else. It felt like I was losing some purpose — a purpose I thought I knew, but was conflicted, within and without.

Is this because I was on a campus, just doing an academic program? Well, I don’t think so. The deep lack of drive and strive was the same with folks in the cities, doing jobs and making money. Maybe, it’s because they didn’t love their jobs and the only source of drive is income. But deep down, there is a vacuum, a sense of lack — even amid plenty, a sense of fear — even with a hopeful future. In April, I left America. I needed to leave. Well, I was blessed to have some opportunities and the coincidence of these opportunities and my feelings was a blessing. I traveled to Sweden, which had become my second home. I had a conference at the European Parliament in Belgium — I went there; I had been sponsored to the European Youth Event in France — I went there; I had some scheduled consultations in the Netherlands — I also went. For the next four months, I was in Europe, traveling to my greatest number of countries within one calendar year, I loved it, but it soon dawned on me that I was looking for something else— my excitement.

Honestly, in whatever you do, don’t lose your excitement, try, please, try to keep it burning. It is not excitement for jobs, but excitement to keep believing, to keep fighting, to keep grinding, to keep moving. The excitement that makes you pitch ‘impossible’ goals. You need it. You need that ambition that makes people think you’re crazy. And it eventually takes you off your bed in the morning and pushes you to land among the stars while targeting the moon. When we lose our excitement, we lose in many other ways. Our relationships get sore, our jobs get sore, anxieties creep in, and bad decisions take hold. This article seems a bit generic, but I’m not writing to everybody, it is for that specific person who is losing their shit.

Here are my tips:

(1) Travel — anywhere, change your location for a short or long period — whichever works;

(2) Make new friends, or at least, know more names of people you come across;

(3) Set a tough goal with very specific short-term deadlines and strategy.

I’m still working on it. Just do what you have to do!

This article is also published here: https://medium.com/@amaraizugenius/honestly-you-have-to-do-this-in-2024-a288ea22b2ba

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